Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tasty Tuesday

Miss me? Sorry - I forgot to mention that I took last week off for Spring break. I'll post on that later.

For Tasty Tuesday this week, I'm sharing my own creation. Nothing terribly original, but tasty nonetheless. I also realized that I am a complete dummy - I didn't finish taking pictures. But, hopefully you'll get the meat and potatoes, figuratively, of course, out of this post. Here we go - BBQ Chicken Rollups (loosely inspired by Pizza Rollups on my Food board on Pintrest).

I started by cutting a few frozen boneless skinless chicken breasts in half the long way so they were thinner and would cook faster. Then I just used my non-stick skillet and pan-seared them and cooked them all the way through.

And I chopped it all up.

Then add your favorite BBQ sauce - I'm really lovin' this one right now. It's got just enough bite to be interesting without leaving you gasping for air.

Add enough until it looks good to you and mix it up good.

Then lay out your egg roll wrappers. I put a small chunk of monterey jack cheese on the top. Cheesy is good, right? The I dipped my finger in water and ran around the outside of the wrapper on all sides.

Bring in the sides...

Then the bottom and keep on going. Roll it up.

And that, my friends, sadly, is where the picture fun stops. After this, I lined a small baking sheet with foil and sprayed it with cooking spray. I placed the rollups on the foil and sprayed the top with more cooking spray. I baked them at 400 degrees for about 10-12 minutes until they looked good and crispy.

Honestly - I only had a bite of one - Jeremy ate all 4 of them. I had plain pan-seared chicken and peas. I'm kinda watching my girlish figure (down 7 lbs in 2 weeks and more on that later). But in all reality, I think these would be pretty ok for me. The chicken and BBQ sauce aren't going to hurt anything and a little bit 'o' cheese is good for everyone now and again. Not sure of the nutritional value of the egg roll wrappers, but I can't imagine they are too bad. And, hello? They are baked, not fried. That's gotta be points in the bank. Right?

Not sure what next week will bring. Tonight I'm doing a no-crockpot version of this one and later in the menu plan I'm going to try another pintrest find, Bourbon Street Chicken - really looking forward to both of those!