Friday, March 9, 2012


We have two roosters. One looks like the rooster on the corn flake box, so we call him Corn Flake. (original, I know.)
(Corn Flake is at the top of the picture, next to the tree.)

The other one is a yellow/gold-colored rooster. I'm not sure we have a name for him. Carter calls him Mean-y.
(This is Mean-y)

Several months ago, Carter thought the rooster was so cool and that he'd like to pet it. He crept up behind the the yellow rooster and tried to pet it's tail. The rooster was not having it. He fluttered his wings and picked up his feet and kicked Carter in the chest. Carter fa-reaked out. I thought that he'd lost all this toes or something. So, from then on, he that rooster is his mortal enemy. He refuses to even play outside if "the chickens are out" because he is scared to death of that rooster.

This morning, Gemma got to meet the Mean-y rooster up close and personal. She came to the same fate as Carter did. We all walked out the door. Carter peers around the corner to see where the chickens are. They are in the side yard by the corral, where Jeremy is watering the horse, the donkey and the bull. He makes a mad dash for the car. But he looks back to see that Gemma is walking across the yard to Jeremy. He starts yelling at Gemma "NO GEMMA!!! Mom, Gemma's going by that rooster!!!" I say, she'll be fine - she's just going to see Dad. Carter high-tails it to the car and slams the door shut. I take my lunch, my purse and diaper bag to the car. I come around the back side of the car and I see Gemma standing next to the tree, with the Mean-y rooster standing right in front of her, all puffed up. I yell "HEY!" and for a split second, he deflates. But then he flutters his wings and picks up his feet and kicks her right in the chest. She falls on her behind and starts to cry. Jeremy picks up the 5-gallon bucket he just rinsed the pig slop out of from a local restaurant (gosh, we're sounding more and more country, aren't we?) and throws it a the rooster. He scoops up Gemma and we head to the car. Carter rolls down the back window and says "What happened?" I have to admit "The rooster knocked her down." " I TOLD YOU SO, MOM! See, I told you he would! I told you!!!"

I got it. We don't love the rooster.