Monday, December 19, 2011


We attended our first Christmas of the year. Check. One down, two to go. It is fun to get together with family and play games and watch the kids play together. Carter and the others played so good this year that after lunch, I never once saw Carter until it was time to open gifts! It was Gemma's first time to open a gift or anything, so she was having a ball. As a matter of fact most of the pictures I have are blurry because she never quit moving!!

From the Rundquist Christmas, we headed over to Olsburg to see Santa, aka Grandpa Warren. Gemma did just fine. She never batted an eye.

Carter, however, well I don't think he knew what was really going on. He told me later that he thought Santa looked like Grandpa Warren, but apparently, that wasn't good enough.

They are calling for snow - 8-10 inches I hear. People are starting to talk here at school... :)