Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It's That Time Of Year

...when I sign off for a few days. I won't be working, so I figure I won't be blogging.

Jeremy's sister and her family are here from Texas! With a 3 year old and two dogs it was a long trip for them - I think I heard 18 hours. Yikes!! But they brought some news with them from El Paso - I'm going to be an aunt again!! YAY!!! Even though I have vowed to never set foot in Texas (have you seen Texas Chainsaw Massacre???) I might have to break my rule in June if she doesn't make the trip back here... I'm terrible I know.

We have the Geiger Christmas all day Saturday. I love having Christmas Eve with the Geigers. The guys are out all morning doing chores and such and the ladies stay home to cook. This year Carter & Andre are big enough that we might send them with the guys! Then we spend the day munching and playing games, opening gifts and having a great time together. We have a fooz-ball tournament every year, so that should be fun.

On Christmas morning we go to the Julotta service at church at 6:00 am. That is one of my all-time favorite Christmas traditions. The entire service is by candle-light. Every year different people in the congregation do a special musical number or reading and our pastor tries to tell the Christmas story from a different point of view each time. We take the kids in their pajamas and it's a very casual but meaningful service.

Then we high-tail it to my mom & dad's and have our Christmas with my whole family! This year will be a real treat because my brother and his family will be here for Christmas day!! Normally we do Christmas with them a week or so before, and we just save a few gifts for the kids to open on Christmas day. This year we get the whole shootin' match! It's mass chaos and I love it!! We've been on dad to start on the addition because their living room gets smaller every year. :)

Then, we head home and have our small family Christmas with all our gifts from Santa. This is also a very special time for me. There's not the distraction of other people or other gifts. It's just us and memories!