Tuesday, September 13, 2011

No News

Friday night was Grandma Connie's birthday. We were going to go putt-putting (because you know Grandma loves it so much!) but we got rained out. We were able to visit the new Long John Silver's in Manhattan. It was pretty nice! We ate outside and watched the rain roll in. Carter ate pretty darn well - he had his chicken strips, hush puppies and both Grandpa & Grandmas corn on the cob! Since it was promising rain, we went to Wal-Mart and rented a Redbox movie and went home and had cherry cobbler for Grandma's birthday.

Carter had a fever of 102 all day Sunday, so I stayed home with the kids yesterday. That was a nice change of pace... :) Carter was feeling much better by the afternoon so we did a little playing in our newly cleared out playroom. That's right, folks! There's room to play in the playroom! So we did.

While we practiced standing, "bwuh-vie" (as Carter so affectionately refers to himself) was doing some bull-riding. Yep - still doing that. :)

No news is good news!

By the way - Happy Birthday Mark! We love you!!!