Monday, September 19, 2011

Leisurely Walks

We took a walk on Sunday afternoon. Gemma was in the stroller - and she didn't stay awake very long. She has been battling teeth *still none yet* and as a result she doesn't sleep very well. She's up still at least once during the night and her naps are short 30 minute cat-naps. So it was anticipated that she'd snooze. Carter started off riding his bike, but unless he's on smooth flat concrete, he gets frustrated easily and gets mad and gives up. So we left his bike by the side of the road and he tried to convince us that he should be allowed to ride in the stroller. I said that was fine, but because Gemma was sleeping, I made him hold her. That was the stipulation of being in the stroller. He agreed and the rest of the walk was nice and quiet. A little too quiet...

Gemma woke up shortly after we got home, but I ended up waking up Carter after we had been at home for an hour. Don't they look pretty comfy, though?