Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Couldn't Have Been Better

This weekend couldn't have been better. Jeremy and his dad went to the ABATE rally at Perry Lake Saturday and came home Sunday. Saturday morning I took the kids to watch Garrett's FB game and then we went to Erica's to hang out the rest of the day. Saturday night we went to Longford for the parade and rodeo. Good thing Grandma Donna came prepared with beach towels and blankets - we were all 'freezing' in the 60 degree weather. In our defense it was very windy. You can imagine Carter and Owen's excitement over the whole thing! There was bull fighting and everything. Very fun!

Sunday after church we stayed for the Rundquist Family Reunion. It was fun catching up. Only one hiccup - Carter fell off the top of the slide and landed on his face. It's not as bad as it sounds. He didn't break anything. Praise God! He had a bloody nose for a short time and his nose is a little bruised. I'm still waiting for the black eyes to come, but so far, nothing...

Sunday night we went camping with some friends down at the State Park. It got chilly! But everyone had a great time!!

Back to school today for Carter. He still sounds surprised when all his friends are there "again" today.