Monday, June 27, 2011

Big Weekend

On Friday night we went to Kim & Chase's to help them prepare for the wedding shower for Nick and Brianna on Saturday. Chase is a HUGE International Harvester guy. He "collects" old IH's and gets them running again. I believe he has 4 at his house. He took Carter for a ride Friday night. (sorry the pictures are pretty dark...)

Carter thought that was pretty cool! He and Gemma spent some quality time together...

Carter also got to spend some time with Kamryn. She's Brianna's daughter and will be the flower girl in Nick & Brianna's wedding. Carter is the ring bearer. Kamryn says she's gonna marry Carter.
Then on Sunday, Carter & Owen had a birthday party together. Owen turned 4 on June 18 and Carter will be 4 on July 9. I'm pretty sure both boys got everything they asked for and more!

Jeremy and I got him a guitar. I may regret that later...

And boy, does Papa Dave know this kid, or what? That will go in his bedroom for sure!

And Jeremy and I also got Owen & Carter beta fish. Carter's is red and he said he would call it Fishy-Fishy.

Finally - the cakes! Owen is a HUGE Royals fan, so Erica did a jersey and Carter chose to have a motorcycle on his ice-cream cake from DQ.

Oh, and Gemma was there too!