Friday, June 24, 2011

Gemma the Jumping Bean

Carter HATED the Jonny Jumper. Gemma, however, does not. She really likes it. She doesn't actually do a lot of jumping, but she loves to twirl!

She is growing up SO fast. She really is the happiest baby. I had some ask me at church "Does she really ever cry?" Not very often. She always wakes up in a good mood. As soon as she rubs the sleep out of her eyes in the morning and she sees your face, she is all smiles! Honest!! She doesn't even hardly cry when she wakes up. Most times she'll lay there for 10 minutes or so before you even know she's awake.

She has been eating cereal for about a week now and gets along pretty well. We tried some squash last night. That might take some getting used to, but she did good. She's getting better at sitting up. Which is good, because that little bald spot in her (almost red!!!) hair is killing me!!

Gemma LOVES her brother just as much as he loves her! He's the only one that can make her giggle. It is adorable!! Her face lights up when he sits next to her at the table.

Speaking of Brother, he has a birthday coming up on July 9. Since Grandma Donna and Papa Dave are headed to Canada next week and will be gone for his birthday, Carter and Owen are having a joint birthday party on Sunday. Should be fun - we have a big surprise for Owen!! (Erica, you can thank me later :)) Carter has been having fun playing in our pool at home (read: stock tank with a slide) and the slip n slide at Tiff's.

Also coming up this weekend is Nick & Brianna's couples shower. We will be traveling to Topeka to night to help set up for that. Carter is really looking forward to that because Chase (Nick's brother-in-law) "collects" and restores old tractors. Since it is supposed to rain Saturday, Jeremy and Carter were given the charge of helping Chase clean out the shop. Carter is very excited to "move the tractors".

Monday we pick up again with our Bible study. We skipped last Monday because a group from our church left for Poland. :) I'll be back on Tuesday again with more gifts. Have you started your list yet?