Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Back in the Saddle

So I'm back a work. It's going ok. I spent the first 2 days mostly catching up and going through some 850 emails. My first day back was Monday and Carter picked up a little 12-hour flu bug Monday night so I stayed home with him Tuesday. I will eventually get caught up.

Leaving Gemma for the first time was not as hard as leaving Carter for the first time. I think it helped having to leave both kids - meaning that I'm used to dropping of Carter so adding Gemma to that drop-off was not as bad. It also helps that they are only 2 blocks away and I get to nurse Gemma on my lunch break so that definitely makes every day better!

Here are just a few random pictures from my time off with the kids!!

Still at the hospital

The day after we got home from the hospital, Mark and Heather and their kids came for a visit. They were gracious to bring lots of girly things for Gemma that Morgan no longer needed. What a blessing that has been!!!

After bath time.

This is the prayer blanket that the ladies at my church made. They do this for all the little newborns. They pass it around the congregation during church and have everyone tie a knot in the quilt. As you tie a knot, you say a prayer. Is it not the most adorable thing ever?

This is one of my very favorite expressions Gemma does. :) We are all in love with her!!