Friday, April 8, 2011

Girls Don't = Pink

When we found out Gemma was a girl, one of my first thoughts was "We don't have anything pink!!" You know I bought the one outfit at Target, just in case. And I had one sleeper that was for a girl stuffed in the Diaper Bag O' Goodies from Debbie. But I wondered what are we going to do? Gemma can't wear Carter's clothes!! She's a girl! Thankfully, my brother and his wife stopped by and handed down some clothes from Morgan which was wonderful! From day one Gemma has been decked out in all things pink, purple and girly.

Today we did something different. Gemma may not look much like a girly girl today. In fact, she looks A LOT like Carter in this outfit. This shirt was a gift in the Diaper Bag O' Goodies and even though Gemma is not a boy, I couldn't bring myself to pack it away with our other boy stuff.

At least she's rockin' pink socks!!