Thursday, February 3, 2011

I Have Decided

So I finally decided on what to review and "purchase" (using my Christmas gift from Aunt Jo) from I am reviewing:

This set of steak knives
And this Moby Wrap for the new baby (19 days until my due date!!!)

And this is my Christmas gift. This one is just for me! ;) Thanks Aunt Jo!

I will have an update on the baby (and hopefully some kind of progression) tomorrow. I was supposed to go to my weekly appt. on Tuesday, but obviously that didn't happen because of the weather. The only other appt. they had this week was on Friday morning. I am seeing the PA because my doctor is in Hati so I was sure to mention that I have another appt. scheduled for next Tuesday, which is like, 4 days away. But I was assured that they would want to see me "at this point" and the Friday appt. was necessary. We'll see what happens.


Tiffany said...

I had the same thing - appointment canceled on Tuesday, rescheduled tomorrow afternoon...and then another one on Tuesday. I thought they would just skip this week's, but apparently not! Good luck!

p.s. I got a Moby with my last baby & loved it!

Geiger Family said...

I thought that was you in the office that last time I was in... ;) I think we're due like a day a part, right? Congrats!!

I hear with those Moby wraps you can use them up to 40 lbs or something... I'm hoping it will be handy for a long time! :)