Friday, February 4, 2011

No News

No real news to report from the baby-front today. I've gained .8 lbs in almost 2 weeks. That's pretty much the most exciting information I have to offer right now.

I picked up a cute little girly sleeper from Target today. Merely for going-home-from-the-hospital purposes - ya know, just in case. I guess I'll have to dig through the tub of the "old" stuff for something boyish, again, just in case. :) Jeremy tells me that if it's a girl, she'll only be allowed to wear pink in public. At all other times, she'll be wearing Carter's hand-me-downs. I'm pretty sure that his mother (or mine) won't allow that entirely. Plus, we have a lot of friends with girls (remember Tiff has twin girls...) that are all too willing to hand-us-down girly things. :)

I hear about something new today. It's called a Sprinkle. Have you heard of these? When you have your first baby, people throw a baby Shower. If you have another baby of the opposite sex, you get a Sprinkle. Apparently it's all about people getting you things specifically for the opposite sex, since you have the all the big major basic stuff from the first baby. Interesting concept. I have never heard of this. Sure, you'll still get your random baby gifts from friends and family, but I wasn't aware that you had any kind of "occasion" for successive kids. Hm. Who knew?

Tiffany W. is playing the guessing game on her blog. Maybe I should start a poll of my own. Maybe she and I will be in the hospital at the same time. Maybe we'll have the best nurse in the world - Lindsay, you'll be on call, right? You were hardly there the last time I was in. ;)


Tiffany said...

I definitely have my wishes for nurses while I'm there - it will be interesting to see if we are there at the same time!!!! Good luck!