Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Like a Good Neighbor...

Yesterday morning as Carter and I were headed out of the driveway on our way to Tiffany's and then school, I noticed this, out of the corner of my eye:
... hanging on our mailbox.

I picked it up, so as not to confuse our mailman.

Once we got home, Carter and I opened it. We found this card:
The Renfros are our neighbors up the road. They moved here a year and a half ago. They have three kids that used to be in home school - two boys in high school and their daughter is in 7th grade. They are a super-sweet family!! I knew them a little bit from school, but Jeremy and I got to know them much better at a "neighborhood" gathering a few weeks ago.

Inside the bag was:
...this candy dish, a gallon sized bag full of this wonderful candy-corn/peanut treat and...

... this adorable long-sleeved t-shirt for Carter.

Here's my dilemma, although there shouldn't even be one: Why do I feel like I've been "one-upped" instead of just being thankful and grateful to have such great and thoughtful neighbors? This was an incredibly kind and thoughtful gesture. Why can't I just say Thank You? Why do I feel like I have to come up with something just as good or better in return?

The gal I work with tells me (rightfully so) that I just need to say Thank You and make a double batch of cookies next time to share and that should be enough. It should be, but is it? She says that I'm taking all the good out of it by thinking this way and I'm afraid she's right. So, I am going to resolve to change my attitude about kind gestures and just be thankful. I'll have Carter color or paint a thank-you card and try to return the favor by doing something nice for them. Hopefully before Thanksgiving! :) I will add them to my Christmas card list and take them a nice loaf of bread or batch of cinnamon rolls. I will make more of an effort to be friends and not just neighbors. That should be enough.


Kate said...

I think they will most appreciate the card from Carter. But love the food too whenever you bring it by! Once that baby comes you probably won't feel so driven to "one up them". B/c time for one upping won't be in your schedule much anymore! Hope the pregnancy is going well. Hard to believe you are halfway through! Emery is already 4 wks old. She is growing way too quickly. They all are! Enjoy your blog :)