Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Baby Geiger #2

We had our sonogram yesterday. I still maintain that it's a boy. The heart rate has been consistently dropping - yesterday it was 147. (The sono tech said that wives' tale is more true when babies are closer to term.) But still. I just have that feeling. Any way, the reason you're all here - the pics! We got some pretty good ones. Here are just a handful. I was able to decipher these a lot better that I remember with Carter. Maybe this baby was just more cooperative. :) Some are pretty obvious - some I labeled.

Beautiful Feet

At this point, the sono tech called "him" a taco! It's not too hard to see why... :)

Oh, I can't wait to see this face, face t0 face!

Nothing obvious about this one... What do you think?


Carrie Schreiber said...

girl :-)

Geiger Family said...

You think? Of course we'll take whatever baby God gives us, but I'm not sure I'm prepared for a girl... Not only do I have all boys' stuff and I'm used to being surrounded by boys - just like you! But I remember how I was at 16 - Oh how I love my mom!!!

Kate said...

Coming from a professional at determining girls in sono pics before the sonographer even tells you what it is so a girl!

Geiger Family said...

Alright - let's have it. What makes you think this is a girl? You're not even leaving the possibility for a boy... :)

Carrie Schreiber said...

I was told when I was pregnant that two white lines means girl. Not sure if there's truth to it, but I see them on your picture. Get ready for pink! I'll start praying for you now for when she's a teenager. Haha! :-)

Kate said...

Carrie is right! There are 3 lines that give away the girl's little female parts. I see at least two!