Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Birthday!!

Today is my sister's birthday. She's four years older than me. Without going into too much detail, Erica and I are MUCHMUCHMUCH closer now than we have ever been. She is a wonderful role model and mentor for me. I've had to learn that it's ok to admire her but I don't have to be her. She is definitely one of my very best and closest friends but she's my sister all at the same time! I cherish her advice (most of the time) but, just like my mom, she doesn't always take my side. It's good for me. :)

So, Erica, because I'm not on top of things like I should be, and I didn't mail your card, here is your birthday card:

I love you very much and I hope that you are enjoying your day!!


The 5 C's said...

Thank you Katie...I love you.