Thursday, September 16, 2010

Quick Update

Carter and I each had a dr. appt. this week. He got his cast "removed" yesterday. I say "removed" because it's not really. They cut the top in half and cushioned it, so he can slip his hand in and out because he still needs to wear it most of the time for the next week or so. We keep it on with an ACE wrap. He gets to have it off during bath time (YEA!!!) and when he sleeps. In the next 2-3 weeks, we'll start to wean him out of it completely. We have a follow up appt. with x-rays in 6 weeks.

I had an OB appt. today. The first appt. we had the heart rate was 177. When I went to the ER with the kidney stone, it was in the 160s. Today the baby's heart rate was 152. I'm not convinced it's a girl. I couldn't tell you why - I just have that feeling. I measured at 18, but am considered 16 weeks. I'm not really sure what that means, if anything, other than I may be a week or two further along that we all originally thought. (I'm pretty sure it's still not twins!!) They've scheduled my sonogram for October 5. Of course, everyone wants to know, when will we know, and I keep telling them we won't. We are still maintaining that we will not find out the sex. I just don't see the point in ruining the surprise!