Tuesday, September 14, 2010


A few weeks ago (before the episode with Fred the Donkey) we all went fishing with Jeremy's boss, Larry. The pond was very nice and peaceful. Except for the frogs. There were hundreds of frogs in this pond. Little ones and big ones.

Bring on the videos. The first one is me walking around the edge of the water trying to give you an idea of the number of frogs there were. You can hear them and see them jumping into the pond:

This next one is when "Wawry" caught a fish and how excited Carter was:

The next one is when Cater caught a fish and how excited he was:

And the last one is Jeremy catching a frog using practically nothing! He had a worm on his hook and he just dangled it in front of all the frogs hanging out on the edge of the water!!


Katie said...

Whoa...that was a lot of frogs! And Hooray for Carter!!!!!

...just think, in no time you'll be breaking up fights over fish and poles. ;)