Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Caleb Roblyer Innes

Our friends Tim & Brandi welcomed this sweet boy a week ago Sunday, September 12. Carter and I stopped to take them some food last Friday and at first, Carter was ready to go the minute we got there and I set the lasagna down in the kitchen. But then I got to hold the baby, then Carter started to get interested. He crawled up in the chair next to me and watched Caleb sleep. As I was talking with Tim & Brandi and Carter said "Mom! Don't. Wake Up. The Baby!" But Brandi said it was ok if he woke up, because he sleeps too much during the day. So we tickled that baby. We tickled his feet and under his arms. He did eventually wake up. And he cried. Carter was worried. But overall, Carter thought that baby was pretty cool. He thinks it will be ok when we have a baby in our house.

Don't you love the boots?

Is he not the sweetest thing?

Every time I look at this picture, it makes me excited for what's to come!!