Monday, August 23, 2010

What a Zoo!!

This weekend we took a little road trip to the North to the Omaha Zoo. Even though Carter says he did not have a good time, I feel that everyone had fun! Jeremy's parents were able to go with us and Carter loved spending time with them. Surprisingly, we were able to see the whole zoo in one day, and Carter was able to see most of it. He only napped in the stroller for about 30 minutes, so he really didn't miss a whole lot. I will also point out that I am SO proud of him - he didn't have one single accident all weekend! I was a little worried about the bathrooms being spread out around the zoo, but he made it every single time!! Way to go, buddy!!!

Here's a recap of our weekend, in no particular order...

The Koi pond was something else. I couldn't even guess
how many fish were there. It was literally a feeding frenzy!!

Carter desperately wanted to ride the carousel,
but once it started all he said was, "I'm all done!!"

Carter really like walking through the Desert Dome.
That was a new feature since I had been there last. It was one of my favorites, too.

The monkeys. I have no idea how many species there were or how long it took us to walk through all of them, but it was quite impressive. We got to see the Silverbacks up close and personal which was really fun.
Carter really loved this Orangutang who was hanging on the fence.

Carter and Grandpa share a love of giraffes. Once we stopped to visit the giraffes, Carter didn't want to leave. He just sat down and had every intention of staying there.

This picture should have turned out much better, except when I helped him on the little giraffe, Mommy bumped his head on the ear. Gosh!!

On Sunday after breakfast and swimming, on the way home we made a few unplanned stops. The first was at the Cabela's. Jeremy's dad had never been to a Cabela's - ever. More animals to see, so that was fun and entertaining!

I realized that you can take cowboy anywhere and he's still a cowboy. This is Carter riding a fish pillow through Cabela's.

Our last stop was at a Wildlife Safari. We got to drive through the reserve to see a handful of animals. It was a fun find along I-80!

Carter made it almost the whole way before passing out on Grandpa's lap. It was a busy weekend for the little guy, but he behaved SO well!!
I couldn't have asked for a better time with my family!