Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Appliance

So I received my T-Fal Deep Fryer from CSN Stores.com.

First of all, it arrived in a timely manner undamaged and just as pictured. It has a short, but thorough instruction/usage guide with it.

I used it for the first time Sunday and again last night. I made cheese balls and onion rings. I was a little concerned that I would get really hyped up about this and then not have any reason to use it, but I don't think that will be true. Typically, I would avoid any food that required frying because of the mess. But I think with this wonderful appliance, I will be frying more. Boy, doesn't that sound healthy... I did homemade onion rings, and they turned out really good. I am also realizing how much I avoided because of the mess - I am now inspired to funnel cakes, donuts & more!

So, onto my review of the fryer. I love it. It is lightweight and fairly small so it doesn't take up a lot of counter space. However, the small size still accommodates a lot of food. I did two batches of onion rings, but that was because I was afraid of them sticking together. I really don't think I needed to. It takes little time to heat up to temperature but the outside doesn't get "burn-your-hand" hot. You can still touch it to move it or something (not recommended) without injury. I love the fact that it has a see-through top so you can make sure you're not burning what your frying. A BIG plus for me! ;) Also, even with the lid securely latched, you still have a little wiggle room with your basket to shake it up a bit if you need to. The temperature settings are easily adjustable and the book has a reference guide for cooking times/temperatures of your favorite foods.

One feature that is a pro and a con is the electrical plug in. It is one that plugs into the wall and then has a magnetic feature that plugs into the appliance. I like these because they are easy release and you can store the cord inside the appliance instead of wrapping it around. At the same time, I don't care for these because I don't always have a secure connection and the magnet can pop off the appliance without you knowing.

The best feature is there is no mess. You don't have to empty the oil every single time, which is nice. Depending on what you cook, you can reuse (or strain and reuse) the oil again and again which saves money. There is no splattering all over your stove top or counter.

Overall, I am really glad I chose this as my first review. I love the product and it is making more excited to chose something else to review from CSN Stores.

What's up next? I don't know. Over spring break my mom and I recovered the chairs in our dining room, so maybe something that could match the dining table and chairs. Maybe something Le Creuset? I'll keep you posted. Thanks CSN!!


Katie said...

Awesome! Let me know when you make those funnel cakes...I'll be on my way over with coffee! ;)