Friday, August 13, 2010

3 to 4

Babies. Just kidding!! From the doppler heartbeat and the pelvic exam I was told everything was on track for just one baby. Which is perfectly fine with me. I suppose there's always the slight possibility they could be wrong, but I'm planning on one. I would hope that if another were to pop up, someone would catch it between now and February. So (for now) we will be going from a family of 3 to a family of 4.

Carter was very excited to hear the baby, but really wanted to see it. Jeremy told him we'd have to wait a long time to do that. :)

The baby's heart rate was around 177. According to the old wives tale, that means its a girl. (Yes, Erica, I looked it up!) The theory goes that anything above 140 is a girl, and anything below 140 is a boy. I don't know that I entirely believe that, because I seem to remember Carter's heart rate around 150 or 160.

Place your bets... :)


Katie said...

If I remember right, Rowan's heart beat was in the 160's...I'll go with the wives tale and guess a girl! :)