Thursday, July 29, 2010


Or lack thereof...

I talked to Brent this morning and he sounded like it was a rough night for both of them. Erica is in a lot of pain. He slept on a cot in her room and helped push the pain meds button every 10 minutes. Lots of monitors and alarms going off during the night.

My mom and dad took all three kids down today to visit with her before surgery. No exact time yet on that - Mom said they were thinking 4:00 or so. She'll call me. I may try to drive down tomorrow to visit. We'll all know more once they do the surgery.

I will try to keep the kids, or at least some of them over the weekend. Brent has a big order to fill at work by Tuesday or Wednesday, I think Mom told me, so I don't think he'll be able to be there the entire time. As of now, they are thinking if everything goes well, they will try to let her go home Monday or Tuesday - they said 3-4 days after surgery. Mom told me that she will likely have to wear a cast or a brace of sorts for... well, she just will. I'll do my best to update via my blog, but no guarantees on frequency. If I go to Wichita tomorrow, and then keep the kiddos, it will likely be Monday. Please continue to pray for skilled surgeons and a speedy recovery.


Ann said...

Oh, how awfull. My thoughts and prayers are with her and the family.

Arianne said...

Thank you for the update....I found you from her blog! Someone mentioned Erica's sister had posted an update about her. She's been on my mind all day. Will certainly keep lifting her and family in my prayers. Hope all went well with the surgery this afternoon.