Monday, July 12, 2010

Independence Day

4th of July this year was so much fun. Randolph always has a big fireworks show every year and this year was one of the best. Carter didn't think so. He was tired and a bit crabby, so for the entire fireworks show, he sat on my lap with his head under the blanket. On Sunday, however, we did our own little fireworks show at Mindy's with G&G Geiger and a friend of Mindy's. Carter really liked those fireworks. He loves the sparklers, the poppers and the black snake things. Carter and Andre did really good around the fireworks - they both listened good and no one got hurt. At least not from the fireworks.

Carter thinks the big ones are too loud...

Here are the black snake things - we learned the hard way last year they leave big black circles on the concrete - thus the plywood.

Carter & Andre had a blast with the sparklers!!

Instead of moving his arm in circles, Andre turned his whole body in circles with the sparklers. We had to sing "The Wheels on the Bus" for him to just move his arms. :)

Carter and Grandpa liked to chase after the parachutes...

...but they had a hard time finding them, for all the smoke.

Under close adult supervision, we allowed Andre & Carter to shoot off Roman Candles. Both boys did really well!!