Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July 9

Carter's birthday was last Friday - he's 3 now. We had a party with all his friends, and some of Mom & Dad's friends, too. Sadly I didn't get too many (good) pictures. We are so lucky that Carter (and we) have so many loving friends and family! They all really mean the world to us!

Before everyone arrived, Jeremy thought it would be fun to give Carter a ride.

Carter loved it!!

Carter got Play-Doh...


A camping lantern... (which will really come in handy next weekend)

A new cowboy hat...

Water guns, nerf guns, shotguns, pistols - more guns than you could shake a stick at...

Colors for the bath... (those are handy - he wants to take a bath now)

I didn't do a cake this year - instead I did dirt cups.

Hopefully, a good time was had by all! It's so crazy to think that in one more year, he could be off to preschool!! Where does time go...?