Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dreams & Predictions

Call me crazy, but I'm getting this feeling... Well, just call me crazy. Here's the scoop - take it for what it's worth.

The gal I work with told me she she had a feeling I was pregnant about 10 days before I got tested. She told me the other day that she'd had a dream that I was having twins but that I didn't know it until I gave birth. In her dream I was completely freaking out and of course, Jeremy was cool as a cucumber. (Typical.)

This last weekend when our family went camping, my sister-in-law was telling me about what their oldest son, Kael (5), said. Heather said, "Kael, you know Aunt Katie has a baby in her tummy. Do you think it's a boy baby or a girl baby?" Kael says (or something to the affect of), "I think its a girl. At least one of them is a girl."

I had my first doctor's appt. this morning with the nurse to get history, blood work, etc. I told her that I feel really "fat" for only being 10 weeks. I'm already to the point where regular clothes are tight but maternity clothes are still a bit big. With Carter, that didn't happen until like 4 or 5 months or something. She said that that can happen with second babies - you can start to show earlier. Then she asked me, "Do twins run in your family?" I had to answer yes. I knew there were twins (lots of them) on Mom's side. When I talked to her this morning she reminded me how many sets of twins are on my dad's side - lots of them. The nurse reassured me (with a smirk on her face) that if I measure big at my 12 week appt. in 2 weeks, they would definitely be getting to the bottom of it.

So that's why you can call me crazy. Twins? Really? Am I just finding something completely unnecessary to stew over? Will it be one of those things that you're pretty sure would never happen, but you think about it enough that you are almost disappointed when it doesn't happen? What if it does? Twins?


Lindsay said...

You crack me up! I was measuring about 4wks ahead at my 16wk visit, and they told me to wait till my sono 4wks later (yeah right, not when I have access to an u/s machine). The top of my uterus was at my belly button at 16wks, which it isn't supposed to be there til 20wks. I was also SUPER SUPER sick. If it happens, it happens :) I have an extra crib if you need to borrow one! :)

Kate said...

OMGosh Congratulations!!!! How exciting :) I will be staying tuned to hear how things are going and how many are really in there! Hope you are feeling okay.

Geiger Family said...

Thankfully I haven't been sick - not feeling well, but not sick. I'll refer all my questions and crazy thoughts to you, you are the expert!! :) Thanks for the "things to look for when possibly carrying twins!"

Hays Family 5 said...

KG--I thought I was going to die I was so sick with the twins--oh wait, that might have been because I taught middle school. :)

No, really. I was sicker than sick. I have never puked so much in my life. The doctor kept telling me the due date was off and I knew it wasn't because I knew the exact moment in which this whole deal had taken place. When we finally went for a sono--TWO BABIES!!

College Girl bawled all the way home because 'she only wanted one baby. The other one will have to go back.'

I wonder which one she wants to send back now? I get to pick.