Monday, July 26, 2010

Family Camping Trip

My entire family went camping this weekend - Mom & Dad, Brent, Erica & their kids, Mark, Heather & their kids, Jeremy, Carter and myself. That's a total of 16 (and 1/2) for those of you counting. We went to Melvern Lake. It was beautiful!

The weather was a little hot & sticky, but overall the weather was good. It was good for swimming, not for napping. It did rain on Saturday night, but just enough to cool things down a bit and make packing the tent the next day a little difficult.

We all got there Friday night and came home on Sunday.

Grandma tried to keep some of the kids busy while we set up camp and unloaded things.

Then we all loaded up in the back of the trucks and went swimming.
The water felt good - but it was pretty slimy underneath.

A friendly game of water guns!

And a friendly game of Go-Fish

Everyone just being friendly

Isn't that a good looking group of kids?!?

It was so much fun to see the kids playing together! Owen, Carter & Grady really had a good time - they were pretty good buddies before the end of the weekend! They even played horse shoes together... :)

A big thank you to Mark & Heather for coordinating this trip! We loved it!

Next stop - The Black Hills, SD in 2012!