Tuesday, January 5, 2010


So, we went to the doctor yesterday...

Good News: His back (structurally) is in great shape! No compression, blah, blah, blah. The doctor was highly impressed and surprised!
Bad News: They couldn't find anything wrong - which is good news, but that also means there isn't a lot to be done.
He says that it must be a muscle thing that would most likely work itself out. Pretty vague.

The doctor prescribed a pain reliever/muscle relaxer. After we left the dr. office we went to the pharmacy. The meds had not been called in yet. Not a big deal - we ran another errand and came back 30 minutes later. Still nothing. The pharmacist calls the office (at 5:45 pm) and surprisingly, actually gets a nurse. She didn't know anything about it but she gave out the dr.'s number. The pharmacist, thankfully someone I know, called the doctor in an effort to help, but it didn't work. We have no meds.

Jeremy was feeling pretty good I guess, because he suggested we go to the mall. He got me a "shopping spree" at a particular... um... undergarment... store for Christmas. That was interesting to say the least. I had a couple of gift cards to burn, so we kept shopping around the mall and I got a pair of jeans (half off) and a cute summer shirt ($1.99). Then, to make our "date" night complete, Jeremy agreed to eat Chinese! Isn't he the best? (My husband really dislikes most Chinese food, but he is making a valiant effort to broaden his horizons in the culinary world!)

All in all, a pretty good night. It's weird that an afternoon at the doctor's office can turn into a date! But hey, I'll take what I can get!!!

Thank you all for praying and thinking of us. Now that we know there is nothing medically wrong, let's pray for a speedy recovery!!


Katie said...

Happy for him that it's nothing major, but a more solid reason would have been nice, I'm sure!

Will you be posting pics form your shopping spree?! LOL! ...and wouldn't that count as his Christmas present?! ;)

You got some great deals, too!! Way to go! And soooo sweet he's eating foods you like!

Hope he gets to feeling better soon!

Geigers said...

The Christmas idea must have been a two-fer! ;)