Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mother's Day

I know that the national Mother's Day is in May, but today is my Mother's day. It's her birthday. I read my sister's blog this morning. If you haven't, you should. Her post made me think of my relationship with our mom. I think that we have a special friendship. And that's my favorite part - it's a friendship. Not that she doesn't "mother" me when I need it (and yes, I still need it from time to time) but she is more my friend. She's gives great advice, she doesn't always take my side, which is good for me, and she is the best listener! When you think about all she does for her everyone - her kids, grandkids, her sisters and her in-laws, her friends and our church, I sometimes wonder when she sleeps! She is one of the most thoughtful and sincere people I have ever known. If I could be half the mother, wife and person that she is, I would be grateful!! She is so strong in her faith. She has been and continues to be a good solid role model for me as a wife, a mother and a Christian. And patience... this woman has the patience of Job.

I can only hope that as I continue to grow, I can grow to be like her! I love you very, very much Mom and I hope that the people at work do something nice for you today because you deserve it! You deserve that and so much more!! We are grateful that you are who you are. We have been blessed by God to have you in our lives!!

Happy Birthday!!