Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Pasttime

Jeremy's boss sent home a new "fun toy". I wish I could invent a sarcasm font... I would be using it here.

Remember in my last post, I mentioned the "roping rope"? I don't know the technical term, so that will have to do. Here's what our son loves to do now...

For those you (like me) who may not know what this is, I'll do my best to explain: When the "calf" is standing upright, you can practice roping. The head and legs swivel and are built for roping. I know, not a great explanation, but hopefully it will give you the gist.

It's great fun... for a two year old... inside...

First we have to get the rope just right.

Then we twirl, twirl, twirl... (can you see Dad & me ducking underneath the kitchen table?)
Then he decided it was broken. (this pic gives you a little bit better idea of what the purpose is)

Dad's pliers can fix anything!!

Thanks Larry, for the best inside-toy-for-a-two-year-old eva!!!