Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Or should it be ketchup? Owen stayed overnight with us Saturday, and we had corn-dogs. Owen likes his ketchup. So much so that Carter thought for sure Owen wanted ketchup on his pancakes Sunday morning... guess you had to be there.

So here's our weekend... Nelson's Corn Maze. My sister & her hubby celebrated their anniversary, so Mom & I took the kids to the corn maze. Aunt Mindy, Andre & G-ma Connie came too!

Andre was the only one who really liked the animals.

Carter lovedlovedloved playing on the hay bales!

He & Maddie were buds.
G-ma Donna helped him "walk the line"

We almost got lost in the corn maze - for 20 minutes...
Owen knew the way!
No wait, Carter & Maddie know the way...
It's a grownup with a camera!! Run AWAY!!!!

We did eventually find our way out. A certain nine-year-old boy-genius made fun of us because it took us so long. Whatever - we made it out and no one died.

As I said, Saturday afternoon, Owen came home with us...
Surprisingly, there were no major fights or incidents. The boys played really well together. Neither one is really great at sharing, so I thought this was definite photo-op.

Yes, Carter looks hot & sweaty - he is. He just got done chasing his daddy around with his roping rope - that's another post...
Carter has recently discovered that there are doors to his playroom. His latest thing is to shut the doors and tell me I can't come in...
Have you seen this playroom? I don't think I could come in if I wanted to!!