Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Not Done Yet

So we still don't have a car to call our own yet...  We are working with a dealership in Colby, so he met us in Salina last night with the '04 Durango.  

This vehicle was very clean inside & out.  It is almost exactly like my other one, except it is one year older and it doesn't have heated seats.  (I got pretty comfortable with that feature...)  So we drove it, and of course, it drove just as we expected.  But we didn't bring that one home - yet.


Denise said...

Hi am new to your site, but I have to say we LOVE our 06 Durango, It is a nice ride and has a great look to it and the 8 passenger seating it fantastic. Good Luck with your choice.

Denise in MN