Monday, May 21, 2012

This weekend we ventured to Sabetha for the graduation of Landon, Jeremy's cousin's son.  Debbie was freaking out.  She likes to have everything just so.  She's been calling and emailing me for a couple of weeks, venting.  Over the last several months, they have done a major addition on their house and all new landscaping, etc.  She wanted everything to be just perfect.  It was a fabulous day and we are so proud of Landon.  He planning to go to K-State, living in Farm House and major in Engineering.   Here are a few highlights:

Grace, the second oldest, oldest daughter, adores Gemma!!  They were fighting over her all day.  She even missed out on time with her friends to play with Gemma and the other kids.  She's terrific.

Carter, Eve (Debbie's youngest) and Ethan (Eli's oldest) had a great time playing together all day.  No fighting or anything

For his graduation gift, we got Landon a set of throwing knives.  I'm not sure how impressed his Mom was, but his Dad sure seemed to like them as did Landon.  

Looks like he's getting the hang of it!