Monday, February 27, 2012


Did you know there is a guy named Dirteater? Ryan Dirteater is a professional bull rider. Surprised I know that? You shouldn't be.

Yesterday, if you didn't notice the weather was beautiful, you must live somewhere else!! Here in middle America, it was one of the best days so far this year.

I was asking Jeremy about our garden and when I should start buying seed and planting plans, etc. Somehow, during that conversation, the dump trucks and shovels came out and before long Gemma was on her belly, like a pig in a mud hole, living the farm life!

I'm going to have to try to find this girl some rubber mud boots for the spring. She really loves dirt. She would dig down where is was damp and cool - she was in heaven! She's even really good at making truck sounds - way better than me!!