Friday, December 30, 2011


I don't even really know if 'uncontainable' is the appropriate word, but Gemma is a master at spilling. Anything. Drinks. Snacks. You name it, she can make a mess out of it.

Several months ago I bought some snack cups with lids at Target, thinking they were the coolest invention. Cheerios and crackers contained by a lid with access. Love it! Not so fast, Mom.

Insert hand, hold on tight, and shake.

Task complete.

For Christmas, Grandma Connie was smart and got her a GyroBowl. Have you seen them? They are advertised as "The Kid-Proof, Spill-Proof Bowl". Right on the package - see?

Well, sirs, you haven't met this little lady who can spill anything, sometimes without much effort.

Spill proof, huh? Really. Don't get me wrong, she tries plenty hard to get everything all out on the floor, but spill proof? I think that's a little misleading, don't you? The search to contain all things spillable continues...