Thursday, October 13, 2011


Carter's new favorite game (that Mom & Dad will actually play!) is Uno. Jeremy and I are not big fans of Candyland when Carter doesn't like play by the rules. It can drag on and on, similar to Monopoly or Life. We like Uno. It focuses on colors and numbers. We still don't exactly make him follow all the rules just yet, but we are working more on number recognition. He's good with colors. I guess last night, Gemma thought she would get in on the fun!

I'm so proud of Carter as a big brother. He very rarely gets frustrated with Gemma. If she's in his way, he (sometimes gently) picks her up and moves her to another room or area. Sometimes he'll even find her something else to play with if she's getting into his things. But last night, he just let her play. He played around her. He would nicely tell her not to chew on the cards, but he didn't let her bother him. I love his patience with her!!