Friday, October 21, 2011

Things on My Mind...

This is me just jotting down some things that have been clogging up brain space lately. You don't really have to pay attention - there will NOT be a quiz later. Although I do welcome comments and/or advice on any or all of the following.

Why do I...
  • always seem to need one and a half times as much conditioner as I do shampoo? My conditioner is always out when I still have half a bottle of shampoo left...
  • not mop or vacuum my floors more often? I'm pretty sure sweeping doesn't quite cut it.
  • get frustrated and, dare I say it, mad (yes I said it) at Gemma because she wants to be held all the time? She's a baby and I'm her mommy and she's putting in four teeth! Of course she wants to be held.
  • put my kids off so I can do housework? Like my housework is growing older and older by the minute and not my kids.
  • use my clothes dryer so much? Would it really kill me to save a little money and hang my clothes out on the line? Especially now that we've had a frost and most of the spider and creepy-crawlys are gone?
  • still hang onto my favorite hairbrush even though the handle broke off? Even though I've tried twice to glue it and it still keep breaking off? Because it's my favorite, I guess...
  • put off quiet time/prayer time/time with God? I benefit from it for sure, which in turn means my family benefits. Something I need to be more diligent about.
  • come home with so much "fluff" from the grocery store? Do we really need it? It's been close to six weeks since I was last at the grocery store. That's not to say I haven't bought milk, bread or other items, but I haven't really gone to the store in about 6 weeks. We're getting down to the bare bones but we're surviving. It's good to get right down to the shelves in the pantry every now and again. To clean out the freezer. I'm kind of liking it.
  • hang onto mistakes I make for so long? I'm getting better at this, and I'm trying to let it go and make the best of what is right now. It's tough.
  • dwell on the fact that my kids are constantly growing and growing up? I can't make them stay little and in all reality I don't really want them to. Every stage in their lives is amazing and I just need to do all I can to preserve the memories we make everyday. I need to start journaling... Wait - isn't that why I'm blogging? :)