Monday, October 10, 2011

New Tricks and Some Treats

Gemma, Gemma, Gemma. That girl amazes me every day. Now that she's a pro at standing up next to everything, and recently standing without holding on to anything, she's braving new adventures and new heights. Literally.

C'mon girlfriend - at least Carter waited until he was 3 before his first broken arm (knocking on wood that it will be the ONLY!!!!). Give me a break!

Meanwhile, back at daycare, Carter and his buddies helped Tiff in her garden.

This is Kaden, Jarin & Carter. And monstrous carrots. :) Gee wizz, Tiff, need a little Miracle Grow? This is a pretty darn good group of boys. Every. Single. Morning. Kaden greets me with "Whasurname?" Every day. Last week I told him Crocodile Dundee - He says "noooo, that's not right!" And Jarin. I like that kid! When I leave after feeding Gemma at lunch I always give Carter a hug and a kiss. Most days Carter suckers an extra hug out of me by saying "Mom-do you know what you forgot? A hug!" And Jarin says "Want. Hug. Too, Kay-tee" Of course Carter throws a fit and Jarin usually settles for a fist bump or hi-five.

Everyday brings new stories and new adventures!