Monday, September 26, 2011

Great-Grandma & Gemma

At Maddie's birthday party a couple of weeks ago, Gemma got to hang out with my Grandma, her Great-Grandma Rundquist. Even though our kids are young and probably won't have too many more years with these Great-Grandparents, they are the only ones my kids have. All of Jeremy's grandparents are gone now. My Great-Granda Frieda died when I was pregnant with Carter, so I was still able to know her in my adult years. I remember tea parties and cookies at her house before she moved into assisted living. She would put those little edible silver ball decorations on her cookies. Memories like that make me sad that my kids will not have as much time with the only Great-Grandparents they have. So, pictures like this really make me smile!