Friday, September 30, 2011

Anniversary Gift

Last weekend on Sunday was our 7th wedding anniversary. The last seven years have been trying, hard, fun, and some of the best times of my life all rolled into one big ball of happiness. We've lost friends and family members, pets, and we've celebrated additions to both sides of the family. We celebrated our own additions to our family, and Sunday we added one more.

This is Riddick. (I know some folks give their dogs middle & last names, we don't.) Riddick was found abandoned on the side of the road somewhere out West by Dodge City. My co-worker's daughter's boyfriend picked him up. Just for us, I think. He's not a pure bred German Shepherd. The vet said his ears are shorter and his paws are white. Based on his teeth they are guessing he's about 3 months old and based on his size for his age, they are thinking he'll be about an 80 pound dog. That's what we're used to. :)

He is definitely already part of our family. He was supposed to be "Carter's dog" but not so much. Carter likes him fine, from a bit of a distance. He doesn't like it when Riddick tries to play with him, or runs off with one of his toys.

Gemma, however, now that girl is in love. She will follow that dog anywhere and she plays with his toys more than her own!

Our Rottweiler, Titan, died when Gemma was about 3 weeks old. So this might possibly be her dog. He's fairly obedient for only having been with us for less than a week. He can sit and lay down (sometimes without treats!) and he's getting used to coming when called. We're still working on house-breaking him, even thought he'll mostly be an outside dog. He likes to hide things. We have a few inside toys and chewy-things. If he's not chewing them, he tries to hide them - behind furniture, in corners, under the couch, anywhere. Jeremy says that's because he was on his own and he wants to hide the things that are his. So sad.

We are so thankful that this dog found his way, all the way, to our family!

Riddick, you're a perfect fit!