Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Told Ya So

By day 2 of preschool I discovered that one of the 'perks' of working at the same school where your kids go is getting to hear about every. little. thing. they do. Or don't do.

Example: I got two emails from the preschool teacher yesterday. One said "we had PB&J for snack today and Carter was VERY mad to discover that the jelly was already on the sandwich. He refused to eat it." I think he ended up eating a PB sandwich, though. I coulda toldya that, teacher! He won't eat jelly! As far as I know, the kid has never had jelly in his life, but has a borderline anxiety attack if it comes near his food. Same thing happens with ketchup, ranch & BBQ sauce. Been that way all his life. I offered to go through the snack menu and give her heads up on all the things I'm assuming he won't eat. Just to see if I'm right.

Second email contained this:

This was just the cutest thing they had every seen! Really? I coulda called this one, too. Apparently they've never seen this before: