Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Weddings and Other Weekend Stuff

This weekend both my guys are in a wedding. The Best Man from our wedding, Nick, is getting married on Saturday. My best man will be Nick's Best Man for the day and Carter will carry the rings. It should prove to be entertaining if nothing else! Carter is very excited to go to 'Uncle' Nick's wedding. I told him that he will have to carry something very special up to the alter and walk with Kamryn (the bride's daughter). Carter informed me, "No, Mom. I hafta carry rings!"
They both have to wear a tux, which I think is hilarious. Jeremy didn't even wear a tux when we got married!

Nick's sister, Kim, had her baby on Monday. Her husband, Chase, is a groomsman and Kim is standing up with the bride as well. Maybe I'll get to hold little Norah during the ceremony!!

I realized that I didn't post anything from our July 4 weekend! So here it is: We spent Saturday morning getting the kids pictures taken at Sears (which turn out much better than I thought!) and then the afternoon at the Randolph Fourth of July Celebration. Carter is not a big fan of the big fireworks but loves the little ones. The snappers, the Roman Candles, the sparklers, the tanks. Here are a few pics from Sunday night:

And, of course, again, this one is an angel through it all!

Can't wait to share pictures of my boys in their wedding duds!