Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Gifted Tuesday

Last night at Bible study we discussed Matthew 6. A wonderful chapter in Matthew. I recently was gifted a new study Bible (The Message version parallel to NIV) and I'm loving the different wording. It puts things in a whole new perspective - makes me think about it differently. We talked a lot about stress and worry. What provokes it, how we handle it, what it really even is. We read through chapters 7 and 8 in 1000 Gifts. Next week we read through 9 and 10.

We only have two more meetings left. I'm already missing the time together with the other ladies at church. I've come to really enjoy on the wisdom of those with more life experience than me. :)

My Gifts:

368. Hubby pushing the stroller
346. New sheets
299. Rumbles of thunder
323. Ice melting in my glass
262. Baby lotion
187. Overflowing deep freeze
99. Opportunities to talk about Jesus with my kids
86. Opportunities I get to be an example to others