Friday, May 6, 2011

Back In the Saddle...

but no more than that. Last night as we were outside tending to the garden (I'll be posting on that soon) at 8:00 p.m., Carter wants to ride Bud. So, I got the halter, got Bud out of the corral and Jeremy saddled him up. This was a major step for Carter.

Remember this?

Caused by this?

So this
is a pretty big deal.

Even if it was all that happened... He refused to let the horse move while he was on. I offered to walk next to him and hold his hand. No. Jeremy offered to ride with him. Nope. So Bud was saddled and unsaddled in a record 7 minutes flat. But - we weren't going to push him, because he was willing to get back in the saddle for the very first time since Fred The Donkey bucked him off. Way to go, Carter!!

In other outdoors news, we have a raccoon. An unwanted raccoon. An unwanted raccoon that really wanted our cat food

So Jeremy and Carter have been keeping an eye on the coon trap that now decorates our front yard. Right outside the window. Its a lovely site in the morning.

Hopefully, one day, it'll have a coon in it.