Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekend Full of Bull

Bull riding and bull fighting that is.

Jeremy and I took Carter and a friend to the 8th Annual Brett Cushenberry Memorial Bull Ride at Weber Arena at KSU. It was a blast!! Brett was a kid on the KSU Rodeo team who was trampled by a bull 9 years ago and they hold this memorial for him every year. His mom sang the National Anthem - it was beautiful! This is nothing but bull riding and amateur bull fighting. Ca-Razy.

First we hit "Old" McDonalds for a quick bite.

Then it was off to the arena. It was really loud, but we all got used to it soon enough. We'll take ear plugs next year.

My pictures did NOT turn out good - I obviously should have used a different setting:

I did, however get some pretty good video clips:

Some of the bulls did not want to go back to where they came from once their job was done. There was a lot of chasing and roping the bulls - but trust me - Carter didn't mind a bit!!

Carter was quite surprised when the bulls went in all by themselves!

There was also a lot of down time while the bulls and riders were getting ready to go. This particular time just caught me funny - as we were waiting and waiting (and waiting) for the next bull and rider to come out, the clown in the barrel started dancing to the Superman song. Maybe you had to be there, but I found it quite funny!

After the qualifying round, before the "finals" they did the amateur bull fighting. That was something. These guys have to be adrenaline junkies!

This first one didn't quite finish out his time, for obvious reasons. (They call it quits when the hat flies...)

This kid was 17 years old - still in high school. Not kidding... His poor mother.

And this guy. Wow. I couldn't see it, but I'm sure he peed his pants a little bit...

Carter had blast and we will definitely be going back next year! Carter can't wait for the next "rodeo". The next one happens to be the K-State Rodeo on February 18, 19 and 20. I joke with Jeremy that if I'm in the hospital having a baby, he and Carter will probably be at the rodeo. ;) (At least I'm pretty sure I made it clear I was joking... maybe I'd better check on that!)