Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Three Christmases and a Wedding

This year we did Christmas at Mom and Dad's on the the 18th. We had a wedding on the 23rd, a Christmas with Jeremy's family on the 24th and our first official "at-home" Christmas on the 25th.

After the big Rundquist family Christmas on the afternoon of the 18th, we went to visit Santa (Jeremy's dad). Carter wasn't so sure. But he eventually either figured it out or warmed up and was fine...

Then it was off to my mom & dad's for Christmas.

I learned that there is A LOT of cowboy/rodeo toys out there that I knew nothing about...

Jeremy's sister got married in her home on December 23. It was a quick engagement and an even faster wedding! Her husband is in the military is being transferred to Texas. He has to report to El Paso by January 10. Mindy is going to wait until after we have the baby and he can get things settled before moving down to Texas to be with him. We are very excited for them both and wish them a lifetime of happiness!! (By the way, for future reference, his name is Jeremy too, so I may have to refer to him as Jeremy K.)

Also on the 23rd, Carter helped me decorate cookies to take to the wedding. A while back, I found food coloring "markers". Carter really liked using these - so much easier for a 3 year old to use than trying to decorate with frosting.

On Christmas Eve, we had the Geiger family Christmas.

Carter got a Bobcat, just like Grandpa's...

new spurs...

and more rodeo toys!!

Jeremy's mom got his sister and I a new set of pots & pans from HSN. They are the Todd English collection and they are FABULOUS!!

On Christmas morning, after the Julotta service, Jeremy did chores and Carter and I went to my mom & dad's for breakfast. Carter and Owen got "challenge" gifts this year, just like the big kids.

The challenge gifts are hidden...

and wrapped up really good. ;)

Carter was having a hard time with all the duct tape and rubber bands!

But it was worth it in the end... more rodeo toys!!

Later that morning, we had our first ever at-home-just-by-ourselves Christmas.

Jeremy got me an ice-cream maker.

I wonder if he thought I was spending too much money buying ice-cream? This baby LOVES ice-cream and Cheetos, but not together! :)

Santa brought Jeremy got a 4 CD set of "old" country music for him to listen to out in his shop.
As well as a GPS system. I think he was pretty excited about this one.

Overall, we had wonderful Christmases and welcomed a new member into the Geiger family. We can't wait to see what the new year brings (a new baby - only 8 weeks left!!!) and all the joys that come with our growing family!!