Friday, September 24, 2010


We have a big weekend planned. At least it feels that way.

Tonight, Carter will be going with my mom & dad to church to watch Mel LaMar. He's at our church from Wednesday through Sunday this week. It's a great show!
He does magic tricks, juggling, and he has a puppet! Very entertaining for the kids. Carter's favorite part is the "jungling". He's trying to figure out how it works and do it at home. :)

While Carter does that, Jeremy and I will be hauling things from our house to Manhattan and setting up for a garage sale tomorrow. With this baby coming, we have to make some room, so we are. I told Jeremy I wanted to have everything in the baby's room settled by Christmas. But now I'm getting more motivated to get it done sooner, because I'm only getting fatter every day. :) We moved from the house we live in now, to a house twice the size and lived there for 3 years and back again to the smaller house. It's amazing how much stuff you accumulate when you have room to "fill it up". When we moved back 2 years ago, I did a garage sale with my sister and got rid of a lot of stuff then, but of course, there's always more. So we are down-sizing the 'stuff'. Always a good idea. It looks like the weather will be nice and hopefully, I don't have to bring anything home except the tables. :)

Tomorrow is also Piotique in Clay Center. My mom always like to take Carter to the parade. I would like to go as well, but I don't think I'll make it this year. Besides, tomorrow is our anniversary. Not like we have plans - Jeremy will most likely be working all day, although I'm hoping to make enough money at the garage sale to be able to take us both out to dinner. Maybe Olive Garden? Jeremy LOVES that place and we have not yet been to the not-new-anymore one in town yet.

Then on Sunday, after church it sounds as though we will be helping Jeremy and his parents move cattle home. Carter will be thrilled!! I'll try to take as many pictures as I can remember to.