Friday, September 3, 2010

Number 3

We went back to the doc on Wednesday this week to discuss some concerns (my concerns) about Carter's arm. I was once again assured that even though the bones are not straight, his arm will heal perfectly fine. This time, we actually got to see the doctor - the same doctor that treated Carter in the ER. I flat out told him that I can't look at the x-rays and be ok with what he's telling me. He chuckled and said he understood what I was saying but to trust him. Fine.

So, because we were supposed to go in next Thursday anyway for his third cast, the doc said we could just do that now and keep in for 3 weeks and be good. So - du ta da DA!!!! Here it is - the third and (hopefully) final cast in the saga:

As you can see, these casts have really slowed him down and just made him miserable!

Here's a progression of casts:

Hard splint covered with ACE wrap. Duration - 2 days

Splint reinforced with fiberglass blue cast. Duration - 2 weeks

Orange fiberglass cast. Duration - 1 week

Green fiberglass cast. Duration - 3 weeks

I must say, I'm pretty proud of this kid. He picked out all the colors by himself. I'd say he's done pretty good - and not one time did he ask for pink!!

Today is my dad's birthday. I hope to have a tribute to him next week. My brother and his wife and kids are coming home for the weekend. Dad's party is tonight, Erica & I are garage-saleing tomorrow, watching part of the KSU FB game and then heading to the Longford Rodeo. And it's a 3-day weekend. What could possibly go wrong? ;)


The 5 C's said...

Looking forward to it..You might have drag me to the Rodeo after our day, but hey atleast I can sit and WATCH ALL OF YOU DO ALL THE WORK..hahahahaha (this brace does have its perks)

Love ya

Geiger Family said...

Work? What work? I didn't know there was work... I'm not going if there's work.

:) Love you too!!!