Thursday, August 5, 2010


I don't love shopping. I don't. I hate shoe shopping. I have found online shopping much more enjoyable. I can make faces at the things I don't like without anyone knowing. :)

My friend Katie over at Bring on the Lloyds has hooked me up with CSN Stores. I'll be doing product reviews. So, I started doing some "shopping" for something I'd like to review. This place has EVERYTHING!!! I have a few things on my list so far. Kitchen stuff. I love shopping for kitchen stuff. They have all the major brands, like Corelle, Le Creuset, Pyrex, etc., as well as many other brands I've never heard of. I could really fall in love with this store! Here's some things that look really interesting and could possibly make a wonderful addition to my kitchen:


The Chance Family said...

Katie, Can you send me information about how you can get started doing this? I went to their website and stuff looks super cheap and neat.