Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Blue Arm

Carter's dr. appt. yesterday was... not what I expected. We barely saw the dr., they never took x-rays - nothing. What they did do was give Carter the ole' blue arm. Carter picked out the color himself. It's not his permanent hard cast, but it looks like it. Basically they took the ACE wrap off the splint and reinforced it with the blue stuff.

Last night we also managed a bath. It went really well. We bought a plastic cover at the pharmacy. They had to give him an adult one because of how far up his cast goes. It's really big. But it works. (It was SO nice to wash his hair!) I was worried about baths, but figured we could make something work. My main reason for wanting one was swimming. There's still plenty of hot days left. We are also going on a weekend getaway to the Omaha Zoo next weekend the the hotel has a pool. Our dr. doesn't recommend swimming with the plastic cover on, but I think if we hold him, or he uses a floaty or something we should be ok.

So, in two weeks we go back to orthopedics. I was told that we would then take x-rays to determine how well everything is healing. They will cut this cast off and put on a permanent cast. We are hoping that things are healing well enough to only require a cast up to his elbow, instead of his shoulder.


The 5 C's said...

Good Pics of Carter. Looks like it doesn't bother him a bit!